Don't Leave Any Veteran out in the Cold

Housing For Homeless Veterans In Alabama.

Did you know that veterans make up a significant portion of the homeless population? Here at P.E.E.R.S. Caring Homes for Veterans, we believe that every veteran should have a roof over their head. That's why we provide housing for homeless veterans in Montgomery, AL, and the entire United States.

We also assist homeless veterans with their financial, mental and physical needs. If you want to know how to support veterans, please donate to our cause. Call 334-201-8706 today to provide housing for homeless veterans.

Providing a road to recovery

When veterans chose to serve our country, they sacrificed a lot to defend our way of life. The least we can do is help them get back on their feet.

Most veterans face problems that run deeper than what's on the surface. Making lasting changes starts with a positive, supportive environment. You'll find that our staff and facilities provide just that to struggling veterans. P.E.E.R.S. Caring Homes for Veterans is dedicated to ending veteran homelessness one veteran at a time.

Contact us now to learn more about how you can help end veteran homelessness.

Know more about Our mission & vision

In February of 2017 P.E.E.R.S., Inc. opened its first veterans long-term loving home, with the ability to house up to 16 homeless veterans with plenty of comfort and amenities; as well as, provide support services all in one place.