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Inductions Ceremony of Officers

The original Inductions Ceremony of Officers for the American Legion’s, Charles L. Martin, Post-1948. Chartered by its Founder – and the Executive of the PEERS Caring Home for Veterans. These loyal veterans are still active participants in the origination of programs and services afforded to homeless and troubled veterans today finding it difficult to adjust when returning home from military. We will forever be there for our veterans.

PEERS Getting the Message Out

Simply trying to get the message out. As veterans we are a different segment of society. Damaged by our dedication to our country. We need your support. We’re not asking for a handout, but a “Hand-Up” and understanding. Please find it in your heart to aid our journey and cause. At PEERS we’re dedicated to taking our homeless veterans from being homeless to becoming home owners. We need your belief and support in our mission.

Support of Friends and Unity

No matter what the occasion or cause for support, Commander Fred Williams and the American Legion’s, Charles L. Martin-Post 1948 is there to lend encouraging – be it a College Hall of Fame induction, support of friends and unity, or simply because his presence was needed for in support of a local homeless veterans cause. He always exhibits willingness and loyal to the commitment of supporting ANYTHING beneficial to the enhancement of organizations dedicated to the advancements of a society that recognizes how important our veterans dedication and commitment afford us the opportunity to be proud to be “An American.”

Supporting the PEERS Caring Home for Veterans

Recognizing corporations like Office Depot that stood beside and supported the PEERS Caring Home for Veterans of Montgomery, Alabama on its mission to recognize that value of a Veteran’s and the PEERS Caring Home for the Veterans’s commitment and dedication to their country and their – just-due -permanent position as a valued citizen of our nation simply because of their exhibited loyalty to our country.

Let's All Be Willing to Donate

The American Legion’s Charles L. Martin, Post-1948 is always willing to join forces with agencies and departments in our community to provide safety, respect, consideration, recognition, protection and appreciation for our community and veteran residents. We strongly believe our veterans should be recognized and treated with kindness and appreciation for their loyalty and willingness to put their lives on the line for the freedoms we often take for granted. If they were willing to put their lives on the line for us then we should at least be willing to put our hearts on the line for them. Let’s all be willing to donate to the American Legion’s Charles L. Martin’s PEERS Caring Home for Veterans. A safe and wholistic environment for homeless veterans to transition.

PEERS Received a $200 Donation

PEERS Caring Home for Veterans received a $200 donation from a civic group who thought we were doing a wonderful job in the community. Thanks to all of us and may we continue to be Blessed with good health, a sane mind and the resources to succeed. We truly thank everyone with a caring heart willing to assist our efforts to continue to care for our homeless veterans. We cannot continue to ignore their fate. At the PEERS Caring Home for Veterans all veterans are apart of us and we’re apart of them.

Award for Exceeding Our Goal

Award received for exceeding our post annual recruitment goal

Autistic Children's Graduation

PEERS Caring Home for Veterans

In the onset of the national pandemic the PEERS Caring Home for Veterans and the American Legion’s Auxillary took action to make it a little more comfortable for Post 1948 in Montgomery to assist in the efforts to make testing sites more inviting. 

They prepared welcoming bags containing gloves, masks and needed items to promote Social Distancing. 

They felt that – real or not – the public needed to take precautions and feel protected and safe in doing so.

Always Proud to Unite

Always proud to unite with those that served.

We are Proud to Be Veterans of Service to Our Country!

Beyond our service to our country we continue to serve our local and veterans community. Service was our commitment and service is what we will always do. The service to our community, state and nation is what we’re conditioned for and dedicated to do. WE ARE VETERANS OF COMMITMENT and LOYALTY for the betterment of our nation. Please give us the honorable recognition we deserve. Please help us to continue to serve with a modest donation from your heart. We can always use your assistance.