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I am writing this testimonial about PEERS Caring Home for Veterans. My journey with PEERS began in the spring of 2017. I had just completed an intensive in-patient PTSD program with the VA hospital. Being from the Memphis Tn area I was faced with a choice of staying in Alabama or moving back. By this time, I had about a year sober and did not want to return to drinking and depression that would likely happen if I moved back. This is when I met Fred Williams. He was beginning PEERS with another gentleman. He asked me to come onboard. He thought I would be a good fit not only to be part of the program as a resident but to help watch over the house. I really appreciated the vote of confidence and agreed. I then met the Clinical Director. I liked the program they were building. I see firsthand the way it helps homeless veterans and veterans with addiction issues. Since being at PEERS I have seen many lives touched by the program including mine. I spent 15 years in the military and have always searched for the sense of belonging and brotherhood I had there to no avail. This program and our American Legion Post give me that sense again. I am on VA benefits and unable to work full time any more due to injuries and mental health issues I sustained in the Navy. Peers and the Legion get me out of bed in the morning and help me feel like I make a difference instead of being a burden. PEERS and the Legion have helped me regain the feeling of self-worth and being a good, honest man, I had lost while I was drinking heavy. It plays a big part in my sobriety. Now I am the Service Officer for our post and a manager at PEERS. My duties include helping veterans with benefit and disability claims for the American Legion. At PEERS I manage the facility providing food service (including our foodbank and mobile pantry program for the community), groundskeeping and maintenance, transportation, administrative duties, and assist with counseling under the supervision of our director and clinical director. I return to college online this fall to continue my pursuit in a degree in substance abuse counseling.
This is a long letter, but I can say what I need to in a short sentence. PEERS helps veterans if they are willing to put in the work!!

Rob T.

The PEERS program has been a blessing to me in different ways. It has provided a roof over my head. As a veteran coming out of a second divorce, PEERS has provided a platform to help other veterans who need help with drug and alcohol addictions. PEERS also gave me a way to join the American Legion where I have built relationships that will last a lifetime. The brotherhood of this organization is great. There's nothing greater than men and women bonding together to help their fellow man in a time of need.

Arthur S.

For me I was very impressed with the way I was accepted in the PEERS facility. They helped me get back on my feet and helped me get my VA benefits. PEERS is a positive place for veterans who need such a program. Thank you, PEERS.

D. Smith

PEERS gave me the time to get my self-respect back. I learned how to live drug free. I enjoy helping people less fortunate than me in the community. Without PEERS I don't know where I would be at this point in my life. I owe a great deal to PEERS for helping me get my life back together.

Barbre M.

I've been here approximately a week, and they have already been positive and helpful to me. They are friendly and easy to help work through life's issues. I'm fortunate I'm in a place where I can share some of my experiences and volunteer to help other folks. It's a place vets can come to get positive help and clean up whatever they need help with. I would recommend PEERS to any veteran in need.

Chris G.

I came to PEERS a couple of years ago when I needed a safe place to go and get sober. It gives me a nice place to live with good friends. We eat, and kid each other but we are there for each other day or night.
I will tell any veteran who needs help to come to PEERS.


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